Black Lives Matter Los Angeles




Black Lives Matter is made up of regular people who have committed our lives to Black freedom. We’re not paid organizers or “special” people. We’re mamas, babas, workers, formerly incarcerated folks, straight, queer, trans, students, youth, elders, Christians, Muslims, traditional African practitioners...just ordinary Black folks who have stepped into our sacred duty. The struggle takes all of us. Whatever gifts, resources, talents, and passion you have, bring it to the movement! We need you!






Black Lives Matter has a team of spokespeople ready to offer comment on subjects related to Black life, power, politics, struggle, and freedom. There are also countless families with whom we work whose loved ones have been killed by police ready to tell their stories. Press is encouraged to reach out to for interviews and/or statements.



Ready to struggle, but not sure what to do next? Black Lives Matter ascribes to a group-centered leadership model. We are leader-full. That means that we want everyone to be empowered with the tools necessary to be effective justice warriors. These toolkits and readings are meant to help you push forward.


Rapid Response


Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles works hard to respond immediately when police kill our people. We engage in spiritual work and offer support to families as quickly as possible. Please contact us here or hit us on social media to share if you witness something. You can also sign up to join our rapid response team.

*Please note that while we do the best we can, we do not have the capacity to respond to every crisis that occurs in our community.