95 Weeks Strong! #JackieLaceyMustGo!

Did you know that more than 530 people have been murdered by law enforcement in the city of Los Angeles since 2013? Did you know that in only one of those cases has the District Attorney’s office brought charges against the law enforcement professionals involved? Do you know who’s responsible for this travesty of “justice?” That’s right, elected official Jackie Lacey, and she has got to GO!

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Hannibal Tabu
Victory: the “Right to Know” bill on police transparency is signed into California law

In early 2017, a coalition of organizations, that included the ACLU, Anti Police-Terror Project, Black Lives Matter, California Faculty Association, California News Publishers Association, CURYJ, PICO, Policylink, and Youth Justice Coalition, came together as bill co-sponsors to brainstorm how this veil of secrecy could be lifted through legislation. The “Right to Know” bill, authored by Senator Nancy Skinner, authorizes public access to internal investigations when police kill people or are found guilty of serious misconduct.

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Press StatementViper Xing