TL;DR From The Weekly Email for August 11, 2019

60 SECONDS FOR JUSTICE: Quick Things You Can Do Right Now

  1. DONATE to the family of Jamaal Simpson, who was murdered by LA County Sheriff on August 1, 2019. Immediately upon killing Jamaal deputies cordoned off the area and confiscated all surveillance video.

  2. CALL your State Senator and tell them to VOTE YES on AB 1460 to make Ethnic Studies a CSU requirement. You can find your Senator here:

  3. SIGN AND SHARE the petition to LAPD Chief Michel Moore to fire Officers Ryan Lee and Martin Robles for the murder of #GrecharioMack inside Crenshaw Mall on 4/10/2018.

  4. CANCEL your membership at 24-Hour Fitness and tell everyone you know to cancel in the names of #AlbertRamonDorsey and #DennisToddRogers.


Last Tuesday’s scheduled elections for the Los Angeles Police Commission were postponed. Steve Soboroff remains Board President for at least two more weeks. Anti-Trump organizers continued to demand answers around the infiltration of their work by LAPD.

Refrigerator – We need a refrigerator or a mini-fridge for our headquarters! We often host meetings, events and stage bus-rides there. We have been relying on coolers to keep our perishable items from spoiling. A standard fridge is preferred, but even a mini-fridge would help a great deal. We’re happy to receive a new or a well-working used fridge.

We recognize that the struggle for Black freedom too often comes at a tremendous cost. There are still Black freedom fighters locked in cages. Please remember them, write to them, and donate to the Jericho Movement at


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