NEWS: The Assassination of Ryan Twyman

It might be sad that a foreign publication gives better coverage of events in our streets, but here we are.

The Guardian, a British publication, has a lengthy write up about the assassination of Ryan Twyman and the pervasive problems with consequence freee violence in the culture of Los Angeles area law enforcement. Their article states ...

"Ryan Twyman was unarmed inside a parked car when two Los Angeles sheriff deputies approached and fired 34 rounds.

Video of the entire incident, which happened in roughly 50 seconds, was as shocking as many police brutality cases that have gone viral in the US. But the killing of the 24-year-old father of three barely made the news.

On that day, his death was far from unique: officers across LA shot five people in five separate incidents in just over 24 hours. Only one person survived. Families and activists said the bloodshed on 6 June provided a terrifying illustration of the culture of police violence and a system that trains officers to kill – while ensuring they won’t face consequences."

What was especially refreshing was how the imagery in the article presented Ryan as a human — not a victim and certainly not a suspect, as there is currently no evidence anywhere indicating probable cause for the approach used by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

We will continue to campaign for justice in the senseless murder of Ryan Twyman.

Hannibal Tabu