Sign The Petition To Fire The Officers Who Killed Grechario Mack

On April 10, 2018, 30 year old Grechario Mack was hunted and killed in a crowded shopping mall by LAPD officers Ryan Lee and Martin Robles. Families scattered for cover as gunfire rang through the peaceful Baldwin Crenshaw Shopping Center, where witnesses affirmed that Mack was not attacking or threatening anyone.

The official report claimed that Mack was agitated, talking to himself and holding a kitchen knife. They fired without clearing the mall of innocent bystanders and in a rare ruling on March 19, 2019, the murder of Grechario Mack was found "out of policy" by the Los Angeles Police Commission, the civilian oversight body. Police Chief Michael Moore said he did not agree with the finding and will not fire nor discipline the officers in question.

At the time of this writing, about a thousand people have called for Moore to serve the public and fire these officers.

Sign the petition today and demand justice for Grechario Mack.

Hannibal Tabu