The Intercept: The FBI Is Targeting Black Lives Matter

An article in The Intercept talked about how the FBI has been targeting Black Lives Matter due to the influence of the current presidential administration.

… if data on police killings and violence disproportionately impacting people of color says anything, it’s that the FBI could keep itself quite busy investigating police abuses — if that’s what FBI leadership wanted to do.

Instead, recent history has shown the FBI targeting Black Lives Matterand partnering with a private intelligence company that infiltrated the Standing Rock protests …

“The new FBI saw protecting the establishment as its mission and disrupting the political mobilization of dissident and disenfranchised communities as its most potent weapon.”


So, to be clear, instead of investigating actual murders that have criminal complications, your tax dollars are being spent to harass and target people seeking justice. Okay.

Hannibal Tabu