#FBF: When We Fight, We Win (#KishaMichael)

In 2016, five white Inglewood Police Department officers — Sean Reidy, Richard Parcella, Michael Jaen, Andrew Cohen and Jason Cantrell — found Kisha Michael and Marquintin Sandlin asleep in a car.

Those same five Inglewood Police Department officers shot Kisha Michael thirteen times and Marquintan Sandlin eight times while they were in the car. Both died.

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, predictably, has yet to prosecute.

Sorry (not sorry), Charlie …

Kisha’s twin sister, Trisha Michael, demanded justice. She reached out to Black Lives Matter and a team was built in Inglewood. Each week, a crew attended Inglewood City Council meetings to demand that public officials represent the people. We staged protests and engaged Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who provided valuable guidance and resources to the families. In May 2017, after nearly a year and a half of organizing, the five officers were fired.

This and other instances on our victories page prove, again and again, when we fight we win!

Hannibal Tabu